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As an emerging leader in oil and gas chemical solutions in the Williston Basin, our focus is to develop value-added programs that safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively improve production operations. Creedence’s experienced team is dedicated to understanding the challenges operators face and deliver not only the products, but the service to enhance well performance. 

Asset Integrity

Corrosion Prevention

Creedence’s in-depth approach to corrosion risk identification and mitigation is providing operators with extended runtimes and reduced equipment failure. Discover more information about Creedence’s 90 and 194 Series product line corrosion inhibitors and their proven performance record.

H2S Scavenger

Given the dangers of H2S to both the health of people and fouling of production systems, we take every precaution to minimize or eliminate the presence of H2S. Whether scavenging in the oil or gas phase, Creedence has developed a suite of unique and unparalleled scavengers that can be tailored to the need of each system.

Microbial Control

Preventing microbial induced corrosion (MIC) is both necessary and manageable through a thorough evaluation, monitoring, and product application program. Whether treating frac water, batch fluid, water floods, or FW injection systems, Creedence’s onsite testing technology allows for rapid response and control of bacteria.


Flow Assurance

Maintaining flow assurance is critical to protecting the long-term investment of the well. Whether facing the challenges of mineral scale, paraffin, asphaltenes, or hydrates, our team in the Williston Basin and network across the globe has the technology and experience to help operators lower failure rates, reduce operating costs, and improve production.

  • Scale Inhibition: Our team understands the challenges of analyzing the complexities and matrix effects of high TDS fluids and have developed a robust array of inhibitors to provide both broad and highly targeted solutions to calcium, barium, and iron scales.


  • Paraffin & Asphaltene Control: Through rigorous analytical and technical product testing, Creedence is able to determine the optimal product specific to the well’s need. Creedence’s suite of paraffin and asphaltene control products allows for unique solutions.



Production Optimization

Creedence aims to collaborate with operators to develop economic and long-term solutions uniquely tailored to the issue at hand. Creedence has a full line of oil and gas chemicals for all needs ranging from production to completions. 


Creedence has field tested and proven blends of surfactants that have not only allowed for increased oil recovery in SWDs but also increased the success rate of hydrochloric acid jobs. 


Creedence carries a variety of products containing biosurfactant derivatives. These products are formulated to help reduce oil carryover in water facilities, enhance acid efficacy in stimulation jobs, and increases injectivity in disposal wells.

Creedence’s full array of emulsion breaker products provide the solution to every challenge seen in the field. On-site testing and in-house R&D allows for a unique solution to any issue.

Specialty Chemistries

Creedence also carries a full suite of other products including solvents, acids, defoamers/foamers, friction reducers, lubricants, tank bottom treatment compounds, and more.

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