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Creedence provides 360 degrees of confidence in pipeline integrity management. 

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Integrity Management 

Pipelines carry the life of the Oil and Gas industry. DOT mandated pipeline systems have created a need for everyone involved to be on the top of their game. Creedence's approach to pipeline integrity management will assure your pipeline systems are proactively protected from source liquid input to eventual output. Our “Pipeline Integrity Management” product line consists of a full spectrum of chemistries. 


Our Services 

  • Scale Inhibitors 
  • Paraffin Inhibitors 
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • H2S Mitigation 
  • Microbiocides 
  • Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) 
  • Hydrate inhibitors 
  • Cleaners 
  • Other Specially formulated products 

Drag Reducing Agents 

Creedence's line of Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) were developed and customized to alleviate common industry challenges including throughput and pressure limitations. Using Creedence's Drag Reducing Agents reduces pipeline pressures, pump pressures and allows more oil into the pipeline.

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